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Virtual training programme for global graduates on essential communication and leadership skills

A global food manufacturer wanted to train its graduates from Europe, Asia and the Americas on essential communication and leadership skills.
The programme needed to be suitable for graduates from all over the world, appreciating cultural differences.
It had to be engaging to a young and demanding population while fitting into their packed agendas and varied locations.

Ososim ran our Hydro Laos simulation with their cohorts of graduate trainees, who connected flexibly at a distance from anywhere in the world and benefitted from a facilitated webinar debrief. Participants worked in mixed pairs or trios from different locations to boost collaboration across the business. A graduate leaderboard kept track of the highest scores achieved throughout the years of the programme, motivating every cohort to try and surpass those who had come before.

  • Over 350 graduates have completed the learning experience over the past 3 years, spaced over 11 cohorts.
  • Participants experienced first-hand the importance of communication skills to effectively engage with stakeholders and leverage the influence network.
  • Teams learned how to navigate corporate, political and social issues sensitively to win support for their business project.


“The participants consistently find the simulation one of the programme highlights and we consider it an essential element of our global graduate programme.” – Programme manager