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Cisco’s Service Provider Transformation Group was tasked to identify and pursue mega deals with Cisco’s telecom clients. The group relied on other internal teams to drive the implementation, but faced barriers in engaging with some parts of the organisation. SPTG worked with Ososim on a blended programme to improve influencing skills.

The programme had three phases:

  • General ‘how to influence’ training;
  • A simulation experience to put the training into practice and help the group explore different approaches; and
  • On-going small group coaching sessions, building upon the learnings from the simulation and applying them to the development of real-life deals

Working virtually in the simulation and in coaching sessions over an extended period of time, the participants learned to collaborate and support each other, embedding a collaborative and peer mentoring culture.

“The benefits of the simulation were:

  • Ososim’s multi-level approach encompassed all the tools, stakeholders and situations that the team was facing. Obviously, this was a huge advantage because it was realistic and much more relevant than one dimensional, classroom learning.
  • The simulation gave real time cause and effect so the team could see how their actions impacted the situation, as it happened.
  • It accurately reflected the team’s environment so the situation was realistic and made it easier to put the learnings into practice.

We got excellent results and the team gave extremely positive feedback. They enjoyed the immediate debrief as well as the ability to collaborate and compete. The simulation really tested them, which has improved performance, encouraged better decision-making and provided them with the resources they need to achieve their objectives, individually and as a team. Not only that, it helped improve revenues too!”
Scott Puopolo, VP and Global Lead, Service Provider Transformation Group, Cisco