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Developing the next generation of Lawyers at the CMS Academy

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Ososim recently held another successful development session using one of our stakeholder engagement simulations during the CMS Academy Business of Law Week.

Part of CMS’ next generation vacation scheme to recruit the lawyers of the future, a team of highly talented graduates spend a week at the CMS headquarters in London, experiencing a range of innovative activities and events to prepare them for a career in law.

On day 3 of the week our CEO, Jonathan Knight facilitated our stakeholder engagement simulation experience which brings to life the challenges of getting support for a key business project. The simulation gives participants experience of working together as a team, under pressure, with additional challenges along the way which enhance the learning, excitement and experience.


Reflecting on the day, Jonathan said: “It was great to be part of the fantastic CMS Academy again. All of us at Ososim were struck by the energy, enthusiasm and intellect of the participants.”


The simulation clearly made a positive impact on the participants as well, with some excellent feedback:

“It’s been fantastic – it’s been really, really good.”

“It requires us to work together a lot and there’s a lot of conflicting opinions, so you have to reach consensus… It’s nice to do some hands-on stuff.”

“It’s about being aware of the different impacts that your actions will have.”

“We really are simulating what it’s like to work in a high-pressured environment.”

Find out more by watching these CMS video highlights of the day:

At Ososim we work with organisations around the world to enable individuals, teams and companies to perform at their best. Using immersive learning experiences and business simulations we help teams and individuals bridge the gap between theory and practice.


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