Graduate recruitment & training

Graduate recruitment & training

Attracting and developing graduates has always been a top priority for global corporations. Graduates and interns are the future of a business. They bring a fresh, dynamic perspective, educated brains and a thirst for knowledge. However, attracting the best graduates has never been more competitive. In an increasingly virtual world, finding ways of differentiating your company and then onboarding new recruits is tough. Organisations are therefore looking for increasingly innovative, and yet reliable, ways of exciting candidates and engaging new hires.

Immersive simulations are a proven way of generating excitement, building networks and embedding learning.

For many companies, internships create a valuable opportunity to attract the best talent and ensure that the right candidates have been chosen. Ososim has been working with leading UK law firm, CMS, since 2018 on its Academy programme, curated by Ososim’s partner, Mind3, delivering a simulation as part of the recruitment programme.The CMS Academy programme is a key part of their early talent acquisition scheme and the main route towards a training contract at CMS. The Academy usually consists of one week of training on the business of law and a two-week internship. Due to COVID-19 constraints, CMS had to completely redesign the Academy in 2020 to deliver it entirely virtually.Ososim facilitated a customised version of one of its stakeholder management simulations during the Academy week. 126 participants from the UK and Africa competed virtually in a synchronous session, fostering collaboration and informal networks and building communication skills.

“It was fab to watch the simulation virtually, I strongly feel that the participants lost nothing in terms of experience by adapting the approach and I was really impressed with how smoothly everything went.” – Becky Lowe, Head of Talent Acquisition, CMS

Feedback was as good as previous face-to-face sessions. Participants were hugely positive about the simulation experience, once again rating it as one of the best sessions in the entire week-long Academy. 99% of participants rated the simulation experience as very good or outstanding.

“This was such a unique learning experience; I gained skills I will take forward in my career” – Participant

“Such a creative and interactive way of engaging participants in commercial awareness” – Participant

The Academy subsequently won the “Best Virtual Internship” award at the National Undergraduate Employability Awards 2021, organised by The award recognises an organisation that provides the best structured and most valuable opportunity for students who partake in a virtual internship opportunity within their business. The immersive simulation game was cited as one reason for the award.

“With communication, collaboration and culture at the heart of the experience, a student was quoted as saying they were “absolutely amazed at the alternative virtual offering, exceeding expectations in all regards”. CMS’ Virtual Internship reviews were amongst the highest rated on RateMyPlacement and 100% of participants would recommend the programme to a friend”.

In a fast-moving world, it is critical to integrate new recruits quickly and provide them with the skills and networks to perform at their best.

Ososim has been working with leading global organisations to train graduates in essential skills as well as help them build new and diverse relationships with their peers.

For the UK’s National Health Service, Ososim works on its’ graduate management training programme to help improve impact and influence for graduates who need to navigate a complex stakeholder environment.In the first cohort, 300 management trainees went through the module in two months, getting hands-on experience of the challenges of surviving and succeeding in an environment like the National Health Service.

“The simulation was great and a good way to try it in practice” – Participant

“The simulation was really helpful and fun. It identified different forms of communication to influence” – Participant

One of the world’s largest confectionery companies needed a virtual communication and leadership skills programme that could engage graduates from all over the world, appreciating cultural differences. It had to connect with a young and demanding population whilst fitting into their packed agendas in varied locations.

Ososim runs virtual simulations with their cohorts of graduate trainees, who connect flexibly from all around the world and benefit from a facilitated webinar debrief. Participants work in mixed pairs or trios from different locations to boost collaboration across the business. A graduate leaderboard keeps track of the highest scores achieved throughout the years of the programme, motivating every cohort to try and surpass those who have come before.

Over 700 graduates have completed the learning experience so far, spaced over 22 cohorts since 2017.

“The participants consistently find the simulation one of the programme highlights and we consider it an essential element of our global graduate programme.” – Programme manager

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