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Improving business acumen – Clean Sweep sweeps the board

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Ososim’s Clean Sweep simulation has been receiving enthusiastic responses everywhere it has been used. “The simulation was addictive...” commented one recent participant "...and brought great learnings.”

Highly rated in post-programme evaluations and greatly valued by the programme organisers, use of the simulation has been contributing strongly to meeting objectives such as improving financial knowledge, building collaborative behaviours, and understanding value creation.

As part of a four day face-to-face “camp,” young leaders from the South American organisation of a global sportswear company, including country managers, sales, marketing, operations, project and finance executives, spent half a day competing in the high-energy simulation world.  Eight fictional companies vied for the top honour of creating the business with the highest total value over three simulated years.  They learned about the impacts of their decisions on cash, profit and economic value and how the competitive market dynamics affect their outcomes.

Ali Tisdall, co-founder of Mind3 and lead organiser of the camp, says, “The simulation engaged the group on creating enterprise value and managing the commercial side of the business to respond to shifting market opportunities and risks. It is a great opportunity to build enterprise thinking and work their financial muscles.  Ososim are world class at engaging senior leaders in experiential learning in this way.”

In another programme for a global leader in the HR services industry, executives from eight countries ran the simulation in virtual teams over a period of several weeks.  Used as part of the pre-work for the finance programme run by London Business School, the simulation supported application of the financial knowledge gained through other e-learning modules.  Participants sited “Really understanding the full Profit and Loss,” “Realizing the actions that improve the business,” and seeing “the impact of investments,” as actionable insights from the simulation.  They also felt energised by the remote team work, seen as essential to working in a global environment and learning from others’ perspectives.

If you are interested in improving your leader’s business acumen, contact us to see how Clean Sweep can help meet your objectives.