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Leadership Development Remains Top of the Learning Agenda

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A recent L&D Report by revealed that Leadership and Management Development remains the number one training priority for companies.

The survey of L&D professionals working in the U.K revealed that a significant 41% of companies plan to prioritise leadership and management development this year, compared with just 25% in 2018. This should come as no surprise, as the benefits of effective corporate leadership are well proven, including increased productivity, improved employee engagement and reduced staff turnover.

Communication skills remain a top priority in 2019, although it is interesting to see Diversity & Inclusion moving up the agenda. More and more companies are shifting to global workforces, where diversity is embraced as a means of enriching corporate culture and maximising business success. Being able to work effectively with any individual, from any background and in any location is becoming a highly sought-after skill.

Top 5 Training Courses in 2019 Top 5 Training Courses in 2018
Leadership and Management Development Leadership and Management Development
Health and Safety Communication Skills
Diversity and Inclusion Customer Service
Customer Service Compliance
Communication IT

Unsurprisingly, the report shows that L&D budgets are under threat, with companies dedicating less time and money to training in 2019. Just 22% of employees are reported to be receiving more than a week of training compared to 43% in 2018. This could be having an effect on employee engagement, which is also down compared to 2018. According to the report, 65% of staff in 2019 rated their satisfaction as “highly satisfied” or “satisfied” vs. 76% in 2018. However, we know that whilst some organisations are focussed on cutting costs, others are investing heavily in training to equip their teams with the skills required to embrace digital transformation. Companies are trying to do more with less and find the right balance of investment versus return.


The challenge is to find innovative ways of learning to maximise value. For some, this means moving learning online, to reduce costs and maximise scale. For others, this means a return to face-to-face learning to fully embed long-term behavioural change, through practical, experiential learning.


You can read more about the key trends for learning and development in 2019 in the full L&D report from

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