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Learning from the Computer Mind

Up Next… Technology: How far can it go?

Ososim’s 2016 CLO Forum was held on a rare sunny June day amidst the flamingoes and lush vegetation of the Kensington Roof Gardens.

The focus of the event was on the potential for new technologies to help individuals and organisations at a time increased life expectancy and rapid change. In particular the convergence of adaptive, personalised learning, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence based simulations create the opportunity for people learn new skills and adapt behaviours on a just in time basis.

Guests from across Europe, and as far as Malaysia, heard from and debated with neuroscientist, Tara Swart, LBS professor Lynda Gratton, MIT technologist, Paul McDonagh Smith, Pearson data scientist, Mahbub Gani, and Ososim’s CTO, Toby Simpson.

The following video provides a flavour of the day.