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How to build social relationships in virtual learning programmes

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Virtual learning is an effective way of delivering training, but it has its drawbacks. ‘Soft skills’ such as leadership, influencing skills and teamwork are in high demand, but can these can be difficult to teach to someone sat alone at their computer.

However, virtual learning doesn’t have to be solo. It can still be a social learning experience, encouraging people to learn with and from others. Using expert insight from Mika Kuikka, Co-Founder and President at Valamis, and psychologist Katie Woodland, our CEO Jonathan Knight wrote an article for learning online platform HR Zone about how technology and learning design can deliver effective collaborative online learning experiences.

“Learning from another person builds trust, respect and a relationship both in virtual and live situations. The right technology can support and encourage communication and collaboration to make it happen.”

Virtual learning can be so much more than an ‘online blackboard’. By working in small teams, even when physically apart, participants gain the important social and networking aspects of group learning. Find out more by reading the article online:

Interactive team-based learning experiences such as business simulations deliver virtual learning in a way that is still shared and social

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