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Ososim launches new partnership with ProfitAbility

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At Ososim we are delighted to be launching a new partnership with business simulations company ProfitAbility.

ProfitAbility is a training and coaching consultancy that builds business simulations to allow individuals to experience and solve complex, business critical problems. For over thirty years they have worked with global companies in Automotive, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Professional Services to execute company strategy by enabling employees to truly understand how their actions impact business outcomes.

ProfitAbility has run board-based simulations for many years, but this new partnership with Ososim will see those simulations transformed into digital learning experiences. The first of these will be Visible Value – driving excellence in value creation in organisations.

Visible Value simplifies the fundamentals of business finance into a realistic and dynamic simulation that brings theory to life. Business finance is often seen as the domain of the accounting department, full of complex terms that many employees don’t understand. But finance needs to be understood by all decision makers. Knowing how the business works and how individual actions impact overall business performance is also a key factor in employee engagement.

Our unique visual, transactional simulation format represents the workings of a company, showing participants how they can both create and destroy value through their decisions. Working in teams, participants can choose to go in any one of several directions, producing thousands of possible outcomes. Teams can only succeed by adapting to and out-thinking the other players in the market.

Learning outcomes:

  • Rapid understanding of the total dynamics of a business
  • Tangible experience of the financial consequences of decision making
  • A clear mental model for how money moves through a business
  • How to read and interpret balance sheets and income statements (P&Ls)
  • How to create business plans, budgets and cash flow forecasts, and use them to manage for results
  • Understand profit margin analysis and the key measures of business: gross profit, net profit and shareholder value
  • Clarity on what affects cash flow and profit


Jonathan Knight, CEO of Ososim said: “I am excited about our partnership with ProfitAbility as between us we can cover the behaviours needed for many organisations to come out of the crisis they are currently facing. Focussing on value, purpose, resilience and getting things done efficiently will be vital for companies as they move into the ‘new normal’. Together, we can help companies get through the current challenges and succeed in the new workplace.”

Graham Hutchings, COO at business solutions companyProfitAbility


Graham Hutchings, COO at ProfitAbility added: “As Jonathan says, ProfitAbility and Ososim share a common purpose. The best collaborations are often forged in uncertain times like these. Through working together, we will be able to support more organisations quicker and more effectively than before to deliver business improvement.”


At Ososim we help organisations to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Working in over 85 countries with major global companies, as well as government institutions, leading business schools and non-profit organisations, our digital learning experiences enable individuals, teams and companies to perform at their best.

To find out more about the Visible Value business simulation and our partnership with ProfitAbility please contact us on +44 (0)1223 421 034 or email