For many years, sales has been taught as a process. But if sales training was as simple as selecting a methodology and rolling it out, why are all sales teams not even more effective?

Whether you subscribe to Miller Heiman Blue Sheets, Sandler sales methodology, Huthwaite’s SPIN selling process or an alternative, there are many sales methodologies to choose from and adopt in your sales team.

Learning sales theory is an important part of building competence, giving individuals a benchmark and a framework to build on. But in reality, the sales process doesn’t always turn out as expected. Human beings don’t behave as the model expects them to.

Our CEO Jonathan Knight spoke to HR Zone about why experiential sales training is so important to bridge this learning-doing gap, allowing individuals to put sales theories into practice, applying the theory to dynamic, evolving, real-life situations.

“Sales training is not dead. It’s simply being reinvented for today’s learners in a more effective, experiential way.”

Using digital simulations, participants can practice using different sales frameworks to see which one is more effective or comes most naturally to them. After receiving feedback on their approach, they are better equipped to take on their sales challenges and deliver results for their business.

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At Ososim we work with organisations around the world to enable individuals, teams and companies to perform at their best. Our Strategic Sales Simulation is used by multinational companies to help participants learn to identify and prioritise decision makers, create relationships and present ideas to gain support for a proposed solution, delivering a value-creating sale for a long-term client relationship.

Access Partnership used the simulation effectively to develop the sales capabilities of its global team of technical and policy experts and embed a new approach to strategic selling.

Exciting and refreshing break from standard training that really moved our combined capability forward. Immersion and practice simulations beat traditional facilitated teaching for us – really helped that it built on a previous Ososim simulation.”

Greg Francis, Managing Director

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