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Virtual reality boosts students’ results

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Ososim’s CEO Jonathan Knight was featured in a Raconteur article in The Times, commenting on the use of virtual reality in education.

The article, written by Edwin Smith, entitled ‘Virtual reality boosts students’ results’ looked at virtual ways of educating people without real life risks. It uses perspectives and examples from various industry experts and technology companies. Below are Jonathan’s comments and information on Ososim’s educational simulations from the article

Working alongside clients such as Cisco and the World Economic Forum, Ososim has created training simulations in which employees are asked to collaborate with colleagues from across large businesses in order to achieve a task, such as staging a 24-hour global charity music concert and dealing with the crises that might crop up along the way.

Using input from business school professors, real-world data and “multi-dimensional modelling”, the simulations are designed to build “internal influencing skills, develop different types of communication, reveal how people understand the influence network and identify emerging leaders”, according to Ososim.

“We model the way people behave and use AI [artificial intelligence] to make interactions rich and realistic,” says Ososim chief executive Jonathan Knight.

At present, the simulations are carried out on normal laptop or desktop computer screens, but Mr Knight says virtual and augmented reality versions using the same principles could be on the horizon. “It’s the combination of new technology, particularly with AI, that’s so interesting,” he says.

You can read the full article here: Virtual reality boosts students’